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Featured Music – Our Own Voice (from the Voice Thief)


Uplifting, strong and moving song, calling on us to really listen to the ‘voice’ struggling to be heard.

Actually the final song from the ‘Voice Thief’ musical (coming soon to Sue Furlong Music), which follows the adventures of a young boy, whose voice has been stolen by a wicked scoundrel, and who tries to silence him by imprisoning his voice in a deep and scary place called Cachophony Chasm, this song will stand out in any concert as a profoundly beautiful finisher. It can have a very strong effect when it is accompanied with sign language gestures.

This featured music – Our Own Voice – Can be sung by unison voices, with solos, and the added option of a 3 part harmony.

Orchestral parts available for live performance.

Duration: 4: 41

Available in our On Line Shop in the following categories – Choral Music, Equal Voices, Vocal Music, Schools – Senior/Intermediate.

Listen to 11 year old Josh and 10 year old Kyle sing this pure and beautiful song, from the heart 🙂

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