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Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my very first blog! Yeah, I’m putting myself out there in a very public way after many years of writing in my own bubble, down the bottom of a hill in Wexford, Ireland.

When I started to organize all my material, I realized I have quite a volume of pieces, funny, sad, jazzy, pop, classical, spiritual, uplifting, serious, educational and some just good old fun!

Having had quite a few songs published over the years, I still have people asking asking me from time to time, “ Sue, where can I get ………”, and I have to rummage around looking for the piece, sometimes embarrassed that they would be asking for “ that” song, when I feel I’ve moved on and become a little bit more mature and sophisticated in my writing!!

But I now realize, quite late in my career, that all the songs I’ve written are really a reflection of my life so far, and even though some of the works came through commissions etc, when I listen back to them I can hear when I was strong, or bouncing with energy, or sad and emotional, or happy and carefree. It’s an interesting experience collecting them all, and sharing them now with you.

You’ll find some audio clips to listen to. Some are professionally recorded as are all the products linked to the Boosey & Hawkes Online Shop.  Some are live recordings showing how the pieces have worked in live performances but some are very definitely just giving you a sense of what the piece is like!!

I’m going ahead with making ‘Sue Furlong Music’ live now, October 7th, 2014, but there is still a fairly sizable amount of pieces in the pipeline, ranging from the full Voice Thief musical, staged at Birmingham Symphony Hall, to The Dancing Master cantata with narration, commissioned to commemorate the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland.

Some of my Christmas songs are included now also. There still might be time for you to choose something from that section which will certainly be different from regular Christmas inclusions.

Just to finish my very first blog, I got a fantastic surprise this summer when Jacqueline King Wing Tsang from ‘Heavenly Sounds’ choir based in Hong Kong, contacted me to tell me her choir would be singing my arrangement of Sidney Carter’s Lord of the Dance at the 2014 World Choir Games, in Riga.

Then, to my absolute delight, Áine Mulvey , Director of Nás na Rí Singers, Naas, Ireland, sent me the programme, ( you can have a look at it in the Events section ) along with news that ‘ Heavenly Sounds ‘ had won the Gold Diploma in their section.
Jacqueline has since been in touch with me, and very kindly gave me permission to put a lovely picture of the choir on the website. I’m thrilled and honoured to be part of the musical journey of ‘Heavenly Sounds’.

So, I’m weathered enough now to say, you might find something you like on this website, for use with your choirs and soloists, young or mature, for your orchestras and instrumental ensembles, for your annual stage drama, for classroom ‘ entertainment, ‘ or for specialist music programmes, and that memorable liturgical celebration, whether you’re part of a folk group, or choir.

I hope you’ll see a freshness in the diverse nature of my approach, and come to share my musical journey through my songs, arrangements, and regular blogs.
Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, as publishing my own music is new to me, and I will be more than happy to learn from you.

Happy music making!!! Sue

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