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My Name is Peace

My Name is Peace

My Name is Peace ( Little man asleep).

I’m taking this little song right out of context and using it in a way in which it brings to me personally some sentiments of healing.  Touching my innermost being at the moment seems to be a need, a very real and present need.

I seem to need to tap into beauty.  Right now.  So this is a real time blog, my friends.  This is one of those times at which I need the healing which comes from the beauty straight from the hand of my Creator, right now.  So I include you once again in my journey and thanks for sharing this journey with me.

Yes it is a prayer.  I realize that a lot of my songs, the lyrics of my songs, even the rise and fall of the melody line of my songs are quite simply, extraordinary extensions of prayerful thoughts, lots of which are long forgotten.  Well well forgotten indeed..

In this little song, there’s an old guy, a Dancing master who used to teach all the young, energetic kids, teenagers, even mams and dads, how to dance, in exchange for a plate of food, a slice of apple pie maybe, and O’Brien, his name in the musical play, would love to scoff his reward in the shade of the apple tree he had planted many years back.  His apple tree had never produced any fruit, but he was a patient man and to the very end he hoped he would see, even one apple produced.

Well, wouldn’t you know it!  It produced its fruit alright. Well worth waiting for….. well worth waiting for.  And all his friends who had gone before him, his wife, and his child killed in battle, the bravest, sweetest Caoimhin, all waiting for him. Waiting for him.

There will be no more trouble with those dreadful weeds.  Let them off.  Grow away on with yourselves.  We are programmed to deal with the good and what we perceive to be the bad.  And we can handle both.  We really can. There’s usually no choice but to just getting on with it, and the anticipation of outcomes is sometimes worse than the outcome itself.

Tired, weak, but not hopeless….never hopeless……

Help me to listen to this song. Help me uncover that glimmer we can find together.  I give you…

Little man asleep in the arms of your old friend

Telling all your thoughts and secret longings

When you planted little seeds and hoped that they would grow

Then you danced, you danced for me.

Even when your world seemed to fall apart and die

Through your smiling gentleness you found me

Though you did not know me

You became my new found friend

Then you danced, you danced for me.

Now the time is here to harvest all the seeds you’ve sown

No more dreadful weeds will ever harm you

Life has guided you to me,  for that you must be joyful,

For my name is Peace, for my name is Peace

When you dance, you dance with me.

And then, this happens!

Amazing Grace comes gushing forth.   I’m out of bed, in a wheelchair. Having a nosey excursion to see where I’m living at this present time.

I’m spending time recuperating at the most wonderful, wonderful, Knockeen Nursing Home in Wexford.

Brought in by ambulance, I went straight to my room and the kind, caring people started looking after me. One after another, and another and another sainted, unbelievably kind hearted person taking care of my smallest and biggest personal need. Indescrible…..

I looked at the Christmas tree and the crib and the decorations. Found the peaceful oratory. Had dinner at a table in my room with my beau, David.

Sure what else would you need in a day.

That was my day yesterday.  Amazing Grace is here to listen to, which suits this occasion.

It had its premier performance at the extravagant concert of my compositions which took place in May. That was an indulgent concert and quite surreal.  It doesn’t happen to normal composers to get to hear almost everyting they’ve written in one fell swoop.

But Liam Bates and Sue’s crew did make it happen for me.

Thanks all! Love to all who read this and have a listen. xxx


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